Bring More 'Lagom' Into Your Life

"Not too little. Not too much. Just right."

Lagom (pronounced 'lar' as in jar, 'gom' as in prom) comes from Sweden. Loosely translated it means 'just the right amount'.

Lagom is a way of life rather than something you can do. Lagom affects your day to day life and you learn to live in moderation, it's a way of thinking. Lagom is about being content with what you have and not having too much or too little. It's about creating a balanced life. The concept of Lagom and slow living inspires a lot of our artwork.

1. Slow down

Try taking more time to appreciate the experience you’re in, whether that’s appreciating the little things in your life or taking your morning routine at a more leisurely pace and enjoying a cup of tea. Lagom is largely about slow living. Not rushing around so much and not always being driven by whatever the next great thing could be.

2. Focus on community

A lagom attitude can help you feel part of something bigger and provide a sense of purpose. It's about the collective well-being. Sweden is one of the happiest countries in the world. One reason for this is because they know how to treat each other, this comes from Lagom. Being aware of how you make others feel is the first place to start with when working with Lagom. Think about being kind to others first, whether that's your family, friends, neighbours or colleagues.

3. Spend more time in nature

Take a walk by yourself in a nearby park, or a weekend trip to the sea or mountains and let nature give you vitality. Being in nature is known to boost overall well-being and mental health. The Swedish take outdoor recreation time seriously and live by “freedom to roam.” It doesn’t have to be a strenuous run, but rather a small activity that puts you in touch with nature.

4. Live a sustainable life

Living with everything in moderation leads to a happier, healthier life, where life is more balanced and being aware of the way you're living is one way to approach Lagom. Taking a look at what you're consuming and the items you're using. How much are you working in the day and taking time out to spend with loved ones or some self reflection.

5. Being organised

Having enough of what you need not only leaves your mind feeling lighter but also de-clutters the house. Spend a weekend going through your wardrobe or pantry. Anything that you're not using can go to a better home. You can also organise your paperwork and kitchen too, planning meals to reduce food waste